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The Sea-Surgeon as Physician

During the Golden Age of Piracy (~1680 - 1725) physicians were not usually put on ships, except in the Royal Navy. Even there, physicians were typically only stationed on first rate and flag ships because it was difficult to recruit them them into service at sea. As a result, the surgeon had to do the physician's work, something that was prohibited on land.

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Physician-Oriented Procedures

Burial at Sea
Autopsy & Burial
Burn Treatment Button
Drowning Selection
Drowning Resuscitation
Dropsy Treatment Button
Dropsy (Edema)
Flux Treatment Button
Fluxes (Diarrhea & Dysentery)
Head Surgery Button
Head Surgery
Gangrene Treatment
Parasite Treatment Button
Parasite Treatment
Treatment of Scurvy Button
Venereal Disease Treatment Button
Venereal Diseases

Humor Treatment Procedures

bloodletting procedure button
Bloodletting/ Bleeding
Cautery Procedure
Cauterizing Procedure
Cupping Therapy
Cupping Therapy
Fontanel Selection Button
Fontanels: Issues & Setons
Sweating Procedure
Sweating Therapy


Dispensatory for Sea
Dispensatory for Sea
Eggs and Medicine
Eggs and Medicine
Goats In Medicine
Goats in Medicine
Medicine Container Button
Medicine Containers
John Woodall's Medicine Chest
Woodall's Medicine Chest