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Pirate Miscellanea

Piracy has permeated my life since I was a lad. Before I started focusing on pirate surgeons, I got involved in all manner piratical research and undertakings.. Here you will find links to some of my other pirate undertakings. Some of it is humorous, some of it is serious (even bordering on scholarly) and the rest is sort of pirate decorating ideas.

More Serious Pirate Information

The General History of the Pirates Authorship
General History Author
Pirates Listed by Nation
Pirates by Nation List
Finding and Obtaining Period Resources
Obtaining Period Resources

Pirate Decorating and Decorations

Gibbeted Bucky Prop
Gibbeted Bucky Prop
Bucky II Button
Gibbeted Bucky II Prop
Gibbeted Becky Prop
Gibbeted Becky Prop
My Pirate-themed Living Room
My Pirate Living Room
Undead Pirates Haunted House Room
Pirate Haunted House Rm
Mercury Ship in a Bottle Button
Mercury Ship in a Bottle

Less Serious Pirate Information

Do-It-Yourself Pirate Report
Do-It-Yourself Pirate Report
Writng in Fyne 17th/18th Century Style
17/18th c. Style Writing Guide
Pirates and Me
My History With Piracy
Patrick Hand Hat
The Patrick Hand Hat